Short of maybe gentleman’s clubs this is probably the most important resource we can provide you. To quote Anthony Bourdain, “In America, there might be better gastronomic destinations than New Orleans, but there is no place more uniquely wonderful.”. Your typical bachelor party has maybe one night for a nice dinner, one or two lunch opportunities, and one morning where a hearty breakfast that is the only thing that can undo what Bourbon St. did the night before. That makes it extremely important for you to choose wisely, and we are here to help with our absolute go to destinations.

Featured Restaurant

402, 2017


If you are going to make your way Uptown to the Maple Leaf Bar for a late night set, this is the place to come for dinner before hand. Funky décor mirrors the personality of it’s gregarious founder while Jacques-imo’s offers some of the best Cajun and Creole dining in the city. You can come here dressed for a night at the bar and fit right in. Definitely call ahead for reservations, the wait can reach two hours on a busy Friday night.

402, 2017

Restaurant R’evolution

Modern meets classic techniques in both service and preparation at R’evolution. This is the place for you if a triptych of quail or paneed veal is something that entices your group. The menu is deep, holding New Orleans classics like gumbo and fried oysters as well. The wine list is extremely extensive and can be customized on an iPad by your server to your liking.

402, 2017

Muriel’s Jackson Square

Located on the corner of Jackson Square inside a national historic building, Muriel’s is focused on contemporary Creole cuisine with fresh local ingredients. The spacious open courtyard provides a casual fine dining experience, and the $39.95 fixed price three course menu makes them hard to pass up.

402, 2017


The late Paul Prudhomme was largely responsible to introducing the country to Cajun and Creole food from this very restaurant. Lesser known names to cut their teeth here include, Emeril Lagasse. Turning out classic Cajun and Creole etouffees, jambalayas, and blackened fish and porkchops from open line kitchens on both floors, K-Paul’s is an experience you will not forget.

402, 2017

Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse

For 60 years the Brennan’s family has been making the best beef in the French Quarter, today is no different, accolades include Maxim Magazine’s 10 Best Steakhouses in America, and Playboy’s top 12. The ambiance doesn’t hurt, the basement situated restaurant, a real rarity in New Orleans, gives you the sense that not all of the meetings held in their six private dining rooms were above board over the years.

402, 2017

Mr. B’s

Known for it’s high end classic creole menu and laid back atmosphere, Mr. B’s is a perfect fit for the bachelor party looking to maximize quality without taking up too much of the evening. Many say they have the best BBQ shrimp in the city, but that’s not an argument we are ready to get involved in.