Gators and Guns combines two things most people will never get a chance to do at home, shoot fully automatic machine guns and cruise the swamp by airboat in search of alligators. Most common question, do you shoot at alligators? Absolutely not, leave that to the guys on TV.

For bachelor parties of all sizes Gators and Guns offers fully private tour packages lasting approximately six hours. Each private tour starts with shooting your selection of full auto machine guns including MP5s, M-16s, AK-47s, and more! Each package comes complete with eye and ear protection, pre loaded magazines, and certified range instruction.

Once the shooting is over Gators and Guns provides cooler bags and ice for your choice of adult beverages for the ride down to the Jean Lafitte swamp. From there you can transfer your cooler bags directly onto the airboat for two hours of exploring the swamps, drinking beer with your buddies, and alligator spotting.